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Bun-E03 and NEK-01 sketch! Updating the art that I've used for the end card for my (fairly limited) streams.

I have a bad habit of dropping characters and names as though they're already an established thing, so I'm adding a little more context after the jump.

While both characters are essentially mascots I made for streams, I like to come up with some lore that guides their designs, too. While she was the first character I came up with as a sort of dedicated streaming mascot, Bun-E03 is intended to be a High Performance Next-Generation Bunny Mascot with a bubbly personality.

I wasn't totally content with just having the one mascot, though, and I figured that if humanity were going to make animal-themed androids, they'd probably start with cats and dogs. As a result, NEK-01, a prototype of sorts, followed. She actually likes being around Bun-E03, but as a prototype she's not great at expressing her emotions, so she ends up coming off as terse. I hope to finish this illustration Soon™.